Thursday, January 24, 2013

new blog!! x

New blog ==>>

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Taken with one of my students.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween 1012

 It's Halloween season, and my favorite shot bar, Marix, is going to be having a Halloween costume event. If you're dressed up, you get a free drink. If you have the best Halloween costume, you get 12 bottles of champagne!! Now that's something to shoot for, isn't it? 

 12 bottles of free champagne should be motivation enough to go all out dressing up for this competition, but my wardrobe seriously lacks flavor and excitement, and costumes here tend to be quite pricy. I decided to do something simple, and default for one free drink instead of 100. 

 If I had money to go splurge on a Halloween costume, I would buy a bottle of fake blood, a white vampire outfit, fake fangs, a sexy wig, fake nails and a cape! I can totally see myself scaring the life out of some people,--uniformed men included!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Random shopping during lunch break:

*White wine glasses from Daiso.
*Black trench coat on sale from UNIQLO
*Cheap chopstick set
*Mabeline Liquid and crayon eyeliners

Feels good to shop.

On a completely irrelevant note, I found a crumpled up paper napkin stuffed in one of the pockets of my hand bag with a name, phone number and mail address scribbled on it. Seems like a certain 'James' wanted me to give him a ring! Chances are looking slim for him.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've been drinking far too much recently, and it's got to stop! I waste a gross amount of
  money on bars, it's ridiculous! I could've bought a new Zara coat and boots if I had decided to spend my booze money on fashion! This so sucks. 

Then again, I've got my reasons. I just lost a dear friend. In my own words, written in my diary the day of the incident: 

" I actually thought I was fine with everything. I thought I wasn't so affected by the fact that I was being ignored by someone I considered to be a loyal friend. But reality is that it hurt. It felt like I was given a beautiful present that grew roots in my heart, became a part of me and complimented my life, and was suddenly ripped out, taken back, leaving me with a void that nothing seems to be able to fill properly. And I tried to fill it up with everything that I could think of. But what is shared between two souls can never be replaced. "

I did indeed cry that day. And I did kind of binge drink as well. History has an awful way of repeating itself, and unfortunately, this isn't the first of people I cared and loved about to up and leave me hurt and bleeding (not literally) all over the sidewalk. I wonder if I can take any more of this shit... 

BUT! Drinking is not the answer! Must be strong, or else I won't be able to fit into my favorite winter clothes! That would really only add to my depressing state. F!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

pubes on face

Hi blog, 

Today, I feel gross and filthy. My body hasn't seen soap or water in 2 full days, and in weather like what we're experiencing these days, that's border line! I feel like there are ants crawling all over my skull, my feet feel like they've got an extra layer of something coating them, and I can feel the crap on my skin! It's just disgusting. I was meaning to shower before work, but I overslept thanks to the long night I had, and barely had enough time to throw some clothes on and run out the door. I truly look like a mess. 

On my way to work, self-hating thoughts kept popping up while I let myself dangle from a train strap when a man standing to my left caught my eye. Actually, the roughly 50, healthy looking pubes growing just below and above his lips caught my eye! He was young-ish. Maybe in his late 20's with a Johnny-Depp-wannabe-hat sitting on long dyed hair. Thick, black rimmed glasses adorned his face, and those pubes... they looked so pathetic. The squiggly, wiry kind. All of a sudden, I felt so, so clean.

I'm not a fan of facial hair. It looks insanitary, and it's no pie when you're making out with someone with even a well-groomed mustache or beard or goatee.  It's forgivable when it compliments the face and gives the person a certain 'look'. But there is no room for those .... pube-like, unkempt, untrimmed  facial hair-dos. It's just abhorring. Really. REAAAALLY. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

but it was fun

It's a Monday, and once again, I find myself struggling to make the 'play -> work' switch. I try, of course, but it's not easy to concentrate, especially after a weekend of partying. I can't help but think about all the interesting things that happened at Marix and what I'll do next weekend. 

Going to Marix was a impromptu decision. The original plan for my Saturday was to spend a lazy night at home, watching a film and eating discounted sushi from the supermarket accompanied with a bottle of chilled Chimay. What was flawed about this plan was the timing. I started my lazy-night-at-home at around 8:00pm, and the film lasted only until 9:30pm, naturally. That left me at a very awkward time. It was far too early to sleep, and it was also far too early (for me) to head out to the bars. After thinking about this a little and going through the few options I had, I decided to to chuck down some Gossip Girl episodes while I waited for Boris to get off work, and get some laundry-folding done at the same time. But there is a limit to how much Gossip Girl one can take in, and by the time I went to pick my sister up from work, I had had far past that limit which made me feel  mentally contaminated. It was time for a change of scenery.

 As I met up with little sis, she told me a about how much work sucked and how much she needed a drink, and after she sorted things out in her mind by mumbling this and that angrily under her breath, she came to the decision that she would really want that drink to be at Marix. And so... well, so it was! I said, 'Sure, Bunny, let's go to Marix.' Let's go disinfect my person with some alcohol, why don't we.

At Marix, things were alarmingly quiet. The bar was only 50% full, and the dance floor was next to bare. It was just a little past midnight, so it was about time for things to be booming here, but oh well, we all have bad days, right? We ordered gin and tonics, and lazied back into our chairs. Girl talk, and men-slamming banter began after the first sip or two over millions of cigs,  and after we emptied our glasses the party was on! There's something about getting together with your best friend, girl-talking all of your problems off of your chest over a few drinks, smokes and good music. It just makes things right. I felt good. I felt like it was a fantastic decision to be at Marix. I felt like this night was gunna rock! It did.

Things did heat up around 2:00 am. I danced my ass off! The married dude that I secretly lust after has a creepy senpai who confessed his feelings for me. I turned him down. He got pissed off and left Marix. Whew! Somebody was kind and bought boris and me many drinks. Married dude, I found out, lusts after me too! The cool dancing dudes whom we like were there and made things even cooler! I drank a lot and didn't get drunk. The kind dude that bought us drinks had naughty hands which wouldn't stay off my ass! Annoying. Kind, but not so nice. I got pissed off at kind dude after he groped my boobs. We played our favorite songs. Somebody looked exactly like Lee! 

etc. etc. etc.

See? This is why I can't concentrate on working! Ugh!